A compilation of medium/large mammals passing through a seasonally inundated swamp/grassland at Issa (April 2017)

An adult female and presumable offspring forage, whilst she holds a lifeless infant (credit UPP)


An adult male chimpanzee snacks on a recent kill (credit Adrienne Chitayat, November 2016)


Two red-tailed males fight (credit: Camille Vitet, March2016)

A playful family of large spotted genets (credit UPP/MPI-EVA)


One of our central research questions concerns how primates exploit the mosaic that is Issa. Here, Ed McLester filmed an inter-specific grooming bout between an adult red-tailed monkey and juvenile baboon! This is not common, but may speak to share spatiotemporal behaviour in these species in this heterogeneous landscape.

Sometimes it’s better just to listen (credit UPP/MPI-EVA)


Issa males weary of a motion-triggered camera (credit UPP/MPI-EVA)


Youngsters wrestling in the wee hours of the morning (credit UPP/MPI-EVA)


Infrequently encountered roan antelope (August 2014, credit UPP/MPI-EVA)


Issa chimpanzees copulate, potentially out of sight of the alpha male, but not our watchful (camera) eyes! (August 2014, credit: UPP MPI-EVA)

A raging grass fire engulfs the landscape…and a motion-triggered camera (July2014, credit UPP/MPI-EVA)

A lion is spotted en route to camp (apologies for running narrative!), July 2013 (credit Anna Lenoel)

Credit M. Polak & J. Hosek, Institute of Vertebrate Biology, Brno, Czech Republic)

Videos (credit UPP/MPI EVA)

Serval cat

Juvenile chimpanzees wrestling, Issa Valley, Ugalla

Large chimpanzee party, Issa Valley, Ugalla

Baboon foraging at a termite mound, Issa Valley, Ugalla



Other Videos

Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, credit Samantha Russak

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